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9 Hottest Trends for 2012

         Looking for some early ‘must-have’ items to buy this year before someone else does? Craving for the upcoming trends that will be huge in the new year? Don’t worry! We are here to help, especially for those who does not know how to spot a trend or how to plan your new purchases with confident! You might have spotted the emergence of these pieces several times in the stores, but let us make it easier for you.

        Many of us are finding it tough to spend more money for the next few months as our X’mas shopping credit card bill will most probably be come knocking (very) soon. 

        Vivienne Westwood once said, "Buy less, choose well, and mix it all." It is indeed a smart advice.. but HOW?! How do we choose the right item(s) to last us the whole year? Sure there are many top fashion magazines and websites that will tell us what the the trends are now. But… their sources consists of mostly socialites & celebrities! First of all, we most probably can’t afford what they are wearing. Secondly, they most probably got it for free. oh well.. the luxury of being famous. So how about the rest of us? The ones that want to look fashionable but can’t afford wearing Gucci as an everyday wear. Well, this is exactly where WhatIWear comes in…

        There’s an old saying “Fashion can be bought, style one must possess”. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with that talent. With WhatIWear, you can learn or find your individual style for FREE. By following our trend page, you can still be as fashionable as the top celebrities; obviously, in affordable prices! Being costly stylish is not the same as being truly stylish. Stylish people are not judged by the labels they are wearing; and also on the contrary, stylish person will never judge people that way. WhatIWear believes that everyone deserves to be a star! Therefore, as we keep in mind that expensive is not equal fashionable, we can still shop the latest trend frugally. For ones who do not have much knowledge of styling, you can always learn to keep up with the trends without wasting fortunes. After all, hey… it never hurt to look good and still able to save up.

        The following 9 trends are exclusively represented by our ‘so-in-trend’ members, in fact, we have seen them in these most talked about trends since 2011! Inspired by 9 top celebrities. This trend forecast will take 2012 by storm.

                  Inspiration : TAYLOR SWIFT

Miss AaWicked Ying 

                                         mannequindevitrine                                   eline.verbeke


                       Inspiration : JENNIFER ANISTON

                                   Juliana. C                                         Anastasia Siantar

                          aliciasanga                                                        Wenny Tan


                    Inspiration: ASHLEY TISDALE



              Inspiration : MIRANDA KERR

                                    Dubravka                                                 Melanie P

                           ChloeMarieAntoinete                               The mad twins

                                           Juliana C      

                                                                 Francis Luna                                                         Kokasih


             Inspiration: KATE MIDDLETON

                               Dubravka                                                            Haru

                                 marj.ramos                                                   jiglegirly



                    Inspiration: KRISTEN BELL

                               Chelsea Arnold                                                 Wenny Tan


              Inspiration: HEATHER MORRIS

                             Karina De Jesus                                            beeswonderland

                            Gabriella Olivia                                                     Jules

                                                          Erika Fox                                         jayceeinhighdefinition 



                                  beeyintan                                                     Jessie Irwanto


      Inspiration: SARAH JESSICA PARKER

                                       Julia Topaz                                   the-tall-blonde

                                skinny buddha                                               Bridget Bado re 

shop away girls….


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